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Quotes It has been an honor to work with H.Y.P.E on various occasions. My African dance team AfroCentric Chicks performed at the 2012 Princess GALA as well as worked with the ladies during one of their camps. We enjoyed every bit of it and were pleased with the involvement. In addition, my sister, Chisom ("Mimi") and I did a Mary Kay event with the ladies where we talked to them about the importance of skin care and each participant received free facials. I have observed that the members of H.Y.P.E are enthusiastic young ladies who are promising strong women of the future. Mrs. K is definitely doing what she can to help these ladies blossom in every positive aspect possible and it is quite evident that the hard work is paying off on both ends. I'm excited to continue working with this organization and even more excited to see these lovely ladies grow. :) Quotes
Chidimma Eze
Satisfied Participant

Quotes I would like to thank HYPE for helping me to stop being so shy. Your voice is NEVER heard when you are afraid to use it. I am more comfortable in my skin than ever before. It was overwhelming at first when I joined the step program and then the ambassadors program. SO MUCH!!!!! But, Ms. K took me under her wings and I am grateful and a stronger girl. I believe more in myself and I know that I will become a great woman. She has taught me to love myself first, which will then allow me to treat others as I treat myself. Everything we do is so exciting. She exposes us the finer things in life so that we can dream big. Fine dining, five star hotels, road trips, but most of all, the enrichment that comes from her wisdom. Teaching us about self-worth. I know that I am worthy to be present. I love stepping and I love the community service. I love H.Y.P.E. and I look forward to the 2012-2013 season as an L.E.A.D Ambassador and H.Y.P.E D.I.V.A Quotes
Robin P.
A Burst of Excitement

Quotes Mrs lakendra was my inspiration while in high school because I was the biggest girl on raider hype step team. She provided me with the tools that I needed to have confidence, and she assisted other young girls to improve in their life and I am proud of her success. Quotes
ke'aundra beasley
previous student

Quotes What can I say about HYPE, this program has helped me to be a even stronger person and has taught me not to give up on myself. When I wanted to quit Mrs. Anderson (or Coach K) wouldn't let me , she always helped me. I always felt welcomed . So therefore I want to say thank you Mrs. Anderson for everything. I love HYPE, it changed me in many ways. Quotes
Shantel Ross

Quotes Coming to Hype was a whole new experience for my family. It wasn't the normal, where an orginazation says it does things for the better of your child and turns out to be one of the things you can add to the terrible experience list. The love and support you get is so overwhelming. Ms. Kendra has so much compassion for the kids and what she does. It make you feel proud to be apart of what has yet to come. So Ms. Kendra thank you for being the women you are. For helping my family raise our daughter. Opening doors for her that would never be possible if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU! Quotes
Kena Mcdonald Jackson
Impressed Mom

Quotes I can't thank Mrs. K enough for showing me about service, teaching me about the power of SELF LOVE, and taking me camping. She truly exposes us to as much as she can. I remember my Mother saying that if she ever asked for MORE money, she would be pay it because she knew of no other organization like HYPE KIDZ, formally Helping Youth Prepare for the Excellence, Inc. That was the name back then...glad she shortened it. LOL. I now serve because I was taught and it is a part of me 15 years out of your program:-) Quotes
Essence G.
Former Ambassador

Quotes Denise Rose 10:50 PM on September 21, 2010 I can't express how proud I am to have crossed paths with Lakendra Smalley. Although we did not have years of friendship, I truly believe that God placed her in my life for a reason. I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time, and I will always hold in my heart the true friend/family feeling she gave me. I will never forget your wise words, and when I am down from my life cycle this year, I often hear you say, "get up and keep it moving". A woman as dedicated to the children as you are, has the sky as your limit, and with that......God has no limits!! May you always receive an overflow of blessings from God. Quotes
Denise Rose
Dated 9/21/2010 ~Thank You ~

Quotes Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence has done a lot for me. HYPE's staff believed in me when no else did; and when everyone turned their back on me HYPE turned around and helped me. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for my parents and their partnership with HYPE. I went from getting bullied to being a bully, to being a "tom boy", to being a snappy little girl, to a trouble maker; and now I am a respectful young lady that believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I have done a total transformation thanks to my Mentor and Life Coach, Mrs. Anderson, and I am still changing. Thanks HYPE <3 Quotes
Niccole L. Lee
L.E.A.D Ambassador President

Quotes HYPE has helped me gain many things. For one I now have an understanding of what I want to leave this world, my legacy. Mrs. Anderson, has been there for as long as I can remember and has helped me through the hard moments and helped me flourish into the person i want to be, yet I know I must still learn many things, and I hope others find themselves in this amazing program. I have learned to keep a perspective on things and have much pride of who I am. Ashley Duenas First Impressions Coordinator Quotes
Ashley Duenas
Teaching Perspective and Pride

Quotes I am grateful to have met so many wonderful young people that it makes my life worth being here. I am glad that I am able to leave a legacy of educating our youth, & providing them w/the extraordinary gift of HOPE. Therefore, I leave the youth w/this message, "In order to be great, you have to dream of being great. You have to see it, just like you see your reflection in a mirror. Whatever a man thinketh, so is he. So think that you are extraordinary & you will become extraordinary. Think that you are beautiful, & you will feel beautiful. Never allow someone to define what you should be doing in life. Never allow someone to tell you that you can't become what you have envisioned, because God gave you those visions. Never play the victim; always pick yourself up & regain your inner power. Know that you are worthy, & valuable to shine. But, at the end of the day, nothing in life is easy. Just remember the P.HD of life: Perseverance/Hardwork/Dedication/& Discipline is what it takes. Quotes
LaKendra Anderson
CEO and Founder

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