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JANUARY 20-22, 2012


Am I my sister?s keeper?? What does this mean for the inspiring young girls and women in the H.Y.P.E. program, you might ask?

Today all the steppers and ambassadors alike got together and had a workshop held by Mrs. Anderson, the topic being "Am I my sisters keeper?" The basis is taught based on the story in the bible about Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve, the first humans on earth. The outcome of this story ends with Cain's jealousy against Abel, which led Cain to murder his brother.

He later asks God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" and the truth is yes...we must watch out for each other, for our brothers or sisters; and that doesn't just apply with your per say sister.

We must watch out for each other, stay away for clichés. We all have certain rights, we have the right to say no to wrong, to be in control of ourselves and our bodies, make mistakes-- and be responsible for them and overall to be ourselves.

So often we all hide our true self with a mask of safety, we all have our limits, and boundaries and in the end we are all different, so be your sisters keeper, watch out for your brothers and sisters, and yourself...




Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence Incorporated is now an official Advocate of the President?s Challenge Program to promote healthy living through our youth obesity programs.

You can join us in achieving PALA by visiting http://www.presidentschallenge.org/ to register for the challenge and sign up with our group (H.Y.P.E Divas) to show that you are ready to promote living a healthier lifestyle. 

Take the PALA challenge and get involved with us! Our ultimate goal is to have 100 kids moving in our programs and applying healthy eating habits that they learn from Chef Sherry to their everyday lives by end of school year 2012. As Mrs. Anderson says, ?Healthier living promotes high self-esteem, and shapes better character in our youth. When you look and feel good, you perform better in every aspect of your life!? Come and join the challenge with us!



By Ashley Duenas ~ Texas Ambassador

The Year of 2011 has been declared "TAKE THE TIME" Year.  Our Founder/CEO of Dallas, Texas has challenged parents to sacrifice time, one-hour a day with their child(ren) in the months of June - December. She said, "Parents need to do better in sacrificing quality time with their children." She continued, "I know it's hard, but we are loosing our kids, and the foundations of feeling loved, worthy, and valued starts in the home." So, parents....Take The Time.

Please read the blog and share your commitment.  Also, follow Mrs. Anderson on Twitter at HYPE2008, and DefiningMe2011.




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