H.Y.P.E. Nation Inc.    

            "Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence" through Mind|Body|Sisterhood

And the Mission was set forth!



I can do the impossible

I can see the invisible

because I got faith


~Kirk Franklin~




Mission Statement:


H.Y.P.E is a youth program that encourages adolescents from diverse backgrounds around the world to demonstrate sportsmanship, and creativity in their unique talents.  Their voices can be heard through their impressions of stepping, dancing, and all genres of performing and cultural arts.  H.Y.P.E. will also prepare this unique group of kids to be moral and ethical citizens in their communities by educating them on character development and values-based leadership training and in doing so they will become lifelong learners.



Summer Camp:


H.Y.P.E. believes in supporting the development of our youth in our local neighborhoods.  H.Y.P.E host summer camps that focuses on health, physical activity and creative arts curriculum created and implemented by H.Y.P.E staff.  The camps impact the skills, lifestyle and social development of children of all ages and abilities. Activities focus on instruction and skill-building, increasing confidence and self-esteem, and fostering personal talents while creating friendships in a safe and positive environment.



Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide a variety of activities that enhances the mental, physical and artistic development of the participants and staff.
  • To provide an environment that will serve as a functional social network, teaching our learners the essence of team building and cooperative learning.
  • To provide a fun environment through age and skill appropriate optimal activities that focus on self-improvement, discovery and increase self-esteem of the participants and staff.
  • To provide an environment that is safe and caring for the participants and staff.